Library in old factory

Recycled spaces
Granollers, 2002-2005
Client:  Granollers City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council
Area:  1.809 m2
Phase:  inauguration in april 2005
Co-autorship:  Agustí Mateos
Images:  Lluís Casals

Renovation of a XIXth century old factory, sited in the industrial complex of Roca Umbert, to place a library adapted to the new technologies and to the different supports of knowledge.

The warehouse is 'broken' to generate a new access to the factory complex, where the access to the new library is located. The initial volumetry of the nave is restored, eliminating the added bodies and facilitating their unitary reading, and the interior street of the  complex is recovered as a new public space linked to the equipment.

The interior space is redefined, a closed space into an open and comfortable space that responds to the new use, reinforcing the original diafaneity of the building.

1st prize open competition
Biblioteca en nau industrial
Nau industrial Roca Umbert de Granollers
Biblioteca en nau industrial
Àcces biblioteca
Biblioteca espai acollida
Escala biblioteca
Àrea adults biblioteca