21 December 2022

First prize Diagonal building competition


The proposal convert the building into a 'living' structure. Through its new efficient facade, it is sought that this new 'organism' evolves, vibrates and breathes, in line with each season of the year, sensitive to the future new naturalized urban space.

21 December 2022

Exhibition ‘Shared living spaces​' in Girona

Cities Connection Project

Cultural center in the ancient school building will be exhibited in 'Shared living spaces​ - BXL_BSL_BCN”,  organized by Cities Connection Project,  in the Girona delegation of the COAC. The exhibition shows 60 european projects.

27 October 2022

Exhibition ‘Shared living spaces​' in BCN

Cities Connection Project

Cultural center in the ancient school building will be exhibited at Barcelona, within the framework of the exhibition  “Shared living spaces​ - BXL_BSL_BCN”  (organized by Cities Connection Project). The exhibition shows 60 Belgian, Swiss and Catalans projects.

06 October 2022

Award-winning in exhibition architecture

 primera mostra d'arquitectura del Garraf i l'Alt Penedès

The interpretation center for paper industry, the project of revitalization of the Cal Xerta papermill in Sant Pere de Riudebitllles, has been an award-winning project in the first Garraf and Alt Penedès exhibition of architecture, in the category 'rehabilitation interventions'.

22 September 2022

‘Shared living spaces​' in México D.F.

Cities Connection Project

Cultural center in the ancient school building in Mèxic D.F. The exhibition  “Shared living spaces​ - BXL_BSL_BCN” participate in the Mextrópoli, the most important architecture & city festival in America, this 2022 with the slogan:  Habitar al margen.

20 June 2022

Second prize Valldaura building competition


Regeneration of an urban empty space with the construction of a new multifunctional building that completes the fabric of Prosperitat neighborhood while integrating into a new urban garden that serves as a climate refuge and sociocultural activator.

14 May 2022

Exhibition ‘Shared living spaces​' in BSL

Cities Connection Project

The exhibition 'Shared living spaces - BXL_BSL_BCN', organized by Cities Connection Project, in Basel. There are exhibed 60 European projects, including the project of the cultural center in the old schools of St. Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona.

14 October 2021

Exhibition ‘Shared living spaces​' in BXL

Cities Connection Project

Cultural center in the ancient school building, is one of the 20 selected  projects from Barcelona that take part of the exhibition “Shared living spaces​ - BXL_BSL_BCN” to be opened in Brussels. The exibiton shows 20 Catalan, 20 Swiss and 20 Belgian projects .

08 July 2021

Exhibition ‘Re-Activate the city’ in Vilnius

Cities Connection Project

The project ‘toy library and offices’ in Barcelona is one of the 54 selected  projects that take part of the exhibition ´Import WB_Export BCN. Re-activate the city' to be opened in Vilnus. The exibiton shows 20 Catalan, 20 Belgian & 14 Lituanian projects.

03 June 2021

‘Re-Activate the city’ in Bordeaux

Cities Connection Project

Toy library and offices at the exhibition 'import WS_export BCN', organized by Cities Connection Project, in Bordeaux. We participate in the inaugural event,  organized by Le 308-Maison de l'Architecture, together with 5 Catalan, 5 Belgian and 5 Bordeaux architect teams.

19 April 2021

Second prize Olesa de Montserrat library


The extension is planed as an underground floor in order to generate the maximum surface of public space linked to the cultural center, now unexistent, becoming a new qualified urban area for cultural activities of the center.

25 March 2021

Second prize police station competition


A double skin allows to find a balance between the need for protection and representativeness, fleeing from the idea of a closed building, providing the interior with light, approaching inside and outside and ensuring the best views for users.

24 November 2020

First prize Palo Alto competition

Nau E Palo Alto

A single architectural element is superimposed to the old structure, a carpet, so that configures the needed areas. The enclosed area of the 'carpet' is designed as a very flexible modular system that supports different configurations.

07 August 2020

First prize library of Argentona competition

Primer premi concurs biblioteca Argentona

The new building for the library, archive and radio station is inserted in an existing void in the heart of the old town of Argentona (Barcelona), a sensitive place from an urban and heritage point of view. Proposal made with Sumo arquitectes.

20 July 2020

Inaguració biblioteca Joan Solà i Pomar

biblioteca Joan Solà i Pomar

Reobertura de la biblioteca municipal Joan Solà i Pomar de Sant Esteve Sesrovires. Amb un pressupost mínim s'ha reformat l'antiga biblioteca i amb l'enderroc de dos parets s'ha realitzat una petita ampliació.

10 July 2020

Third prize Martorell Museum competition

Tercer premi concurs museu Martorell

Competition for the rehabilitation of Martorell Museum in La Ciutadella Park in Barcelona. A system of wooden peri- meter modules are designed according the image of the historical showcases of the museum, which respond to the new different functional demands.

05 December 2019

Third prize kinder- garten competition

Tercer premi concurs escola bressol Teixonera

Competition for a new municipal kindergarten at La Teixonera neighbourhood in Barcelona. An open structure that fluidly links the different areas, creating a continuous space classroom-common space-garden and towards the nearby public park.

28 October 2019

First prize health center competition

Primer premi concurs centre dia i salut

Competition for day center for seniors and health center in Sant Martí Sarroca, Barcelona. A modular wood structure eliminates the boundaries between interior and the landscape to become a shelter for the new program. With Marc Manzano and Vicky Caballero.

17 October 2019

Third prize Coop. Siglo XX competition

Tercer premi concurs Cooperativa Siglo XX

Competition for the rehabilitation of the building of the old cooperative 'Siglo XX' in Barceloneta, Barcelona, ​​for a space of entities. It is a building with a high historical, social and symbolic content. Proposal made jointly with Sumo arquitectes.

19 September 2019

‘Re-Activate the city’ in Tarragona

‘Re-Activate the city’ Tarragona

La Placeta del Pi in the exhibition 'import WS_export BCN', with other 39 catalan and belgian projects. Organized by Cities Connection Project, in the Tarragona delegation of the COAC. We participate in the inaugural conference together with the Belgian team A229.

20 June 2019

Finalists Catalunya Construcció awards

Finalistes premi Catalunya Construcció 2019

The cultural center of St. Sadurní d'Anoia is one of the three finalists in the rehabilitation category of the Catalunya Construcció 2019 awards. The extension and rehabilitation of the ancient school includes a new library and a municipal archive.

19 June 2019

Finalists FAD awards 2019

Finalistes premis FAD 2019

The building of the Cultural Center in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona, is one of the finalist works selected in FAD awards 2019. The project rehabilitate and extends an ancient buliding with new functions, such a new library and an archive.

14 June 2019

Third prize Eixample building competition

Tercer premi en el concurs illa eixample Sagrada Familia

Competition for the renovation of a multifinctional building near La Sagrada Família, in the Eixample of Barcelona. The proposal, carried out jointly with Sumo arquitectes, opens the building to the city allowing it to be more permeable.

23 April 2019

Third prize masia Can Cadena competition


Competition for the rehabilitation of and old traditional farm, a 'masia' from 17th century, in Barcelona. An annexed wooden body is proposed as a technical 'rucksack' in order to leave intact the interior spaces and the traditional typological structure.

09 April 2019

First prize music school competition


Competition for the rehabilitation of a building in the Raval of Barcelona as a music school. With Carles Enrich Studio. The insertion of a new architecture in combination with the existing one allow to endow the building of the optimum provision.

05 April 2019

Exhibition ‘Re-Activate the city’ Barcelona

Exposició ‘Re-Activate the city’ Barcelona

Our project in 'placeta del pi, Barcelona', will be exhibited at Arts Santa Monica (Barcelona), within the framework of the exhibition 'Import WS_export BCN. Re-activate the city' organized by Cities Connection Project. The exhibition shows 40 Belgian and Catalans projects.

28 February 2019

First prize 'Tabacalera' competition

tabacalera tarragona

Competition for the functional and architectural proposal for the ancient 'tabacalera' building in Tarragona. With vora, M. Manzano & j. Portal. Tabacalera will be a new cultural hub that will link the city and the river as a new contemporary forum.

20 December 2018

Finished the first phases of Cal Xerta

Finalitza la 2a fase de Cal Xerta

We finish the first phases of refurbishment of Cal Xerta paper mill at St. Pere Riudebitlles in Barcelona. A minimal intervention, based on grafts and acupuncture operations, that allowed the revitalization of a mill that was in disuse and ruinous.

18 November 2018

Exposition 'Re-Activate the city' Brussels


The project ‘toy library and offices’ in Barcelona is one of the 20 selected  projects from Barcelona that take part of the exhibition ´Import WB_Export BCN. Re-activate the city' to be opened in Brussels. The exibiton shows 20 Catalan and 20 Belgian projects.

22 May 2018

Third prize competition Archive of Barcelona


The team formed by our study, together with Vora arquitectura and Sumo arquitectes, obtained the third place in the competition for the construction of the new municipal archive of Barcelona in the block 8 in the industrial complex of Can Batlló.

01 March 2018

Shorlisted ‘Domus restauro’ award

shorlisted VI Premi Internacional ‘Domus Restauro’

The rehabilitation of the Bella and Bernades tanneries in Igualada (Barcelona) is one of the selected projects in the VI 'Internazionale Domus Restauro e Conservazione' Award organized by the Università degli Studi in Ferrara (Italy).

21 February 2018

First prize competition for a library

Biblioteca de Sant Julià de Vilatorta

We win the open competition for the construction of a new library at Sant Julià de Vilatorta, Barcelona, organized by Diputació de Barcelona. The new public library will be placed in the renovated historic bulding,  from the late 19th century, called L'Arca de Noè.

25 November 2017

Inauguration of St. Sadurní d'Anoia library

Biblioteca de Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

Inauguration of the new library of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, placed in the ancient schools, a listed modern style building. The new library is a part of the future Cultural Center, that will be completed with the municipal archive and a school for adult people.



10 September 2017

Reopening of the ancient schools

Reobertura antigues escoles Sant Esteve Sesrovires

Reopening of the ancient republican schools of St. Esteve de Sesrovires, Barcelona, after some months of works. With a minimum budget, the interior of the building has been 'cleaned', recovering the original spaces and elements.

26 July 2017

Second prize in cultural center competition


Our proposal for the new Cultural Center and Library of Caldes de Malavella, in Girona, obtained the second prize of the open competition organized by the town council. The proposal refurbishes the old school building and its urban environment.

28 April 2017

Inauguration of local police station

Inauguració comissaria policia local

After 7 years of works, it is been inaugurated the Mollet del Vallès local police station, in Barcelona. A building that it is a part of an unitary urban project with the future central library and a linear park within the two buildings.