Traditional Mediterranean Architecture

Writings & teaching
July 2007
Activity:  book & lecture

Coordination and texts of Volume I of the ‘RehabiMed method for the rehabilitation of Traditional Mediterranean Architecture. Scale of the city and territory’. The book, sponsored by the Association of Technical Architects of Barcelona in the framework of RehabiMed project, picks the participation of numerous experts in rehabilitation of whole Mediterranean area.

volume synthesi

volume I. Rehabilitation. Town & territory

volume II. Rehabilitation. Buildings


Conference by Oriol Cusidó in the Congress ‘Regional EuroMediterranean Conference. Traditional Mediterranean Architecture. Present and Future', presenting the result of work done on the project RehabiMed.

conference RehabiMed (1st part)

conference RehabiMed (2nd part)

Mètode RehabiMed per a la rehabilitació de l’arquitectura tradicional mediterrània