School les Pallargues

Built spaces
Els Plans de Sió, 2010-2012
Client:  GISA, Government of Catalonia
Area:  750 m2
Phase:  executive project
Images:  black box

The school's plot is quite flat and rectangular. It's located close to the acces street to the village of les Pallargues, in a transition area between the center of the town and the open spaces. The new building, with brickwork and only one floor, is divided in two parts by a central porch. Its plant shape, low profile and ceramic tile pitched roof pursue to reduce the impact on natural environment and dialogue with the building nearby.

The fracture of the building in two pieces placed at both sides of a central axis, generates the main entrance, defines the hall space, creates an small exterior porch and divides the playground into two areas of different character. Besides, it enables to arrange the programme in two parts: on one side the classrooms and in the other the all-purpose hall and services. The building occupies the superior part of the plot. Thus a big portion of the plot that faces south is released, a better surveying adjustment is achieved, it's possible to enjoy the best views to the close landscape and better sun exposure conditions are obtained.

Spaces are placed and conceived in order to control as best as possible the sun exposure and all classrooms are equipped with an orientated wood slat brise-soleil. The classroom's roof design, higher than the corridor ones, allows natural crossed ventilation, improving its comfort conditions and minimizi

1st prize restricted competition
plans de sió, segrià
escola rural ZER les pallargues