Refurbishment of the social center of Sants

Barcelona, 2019
Client:  BIM/SA, Barcelona d’Insfraestructures Municipals
Area:  995 m2
Phase:  restricted competition / 4th prize
Images:  vimworks

Refurbishment of the social center of Sants, in Olzinelles street in Barcelona.

The reading of the current state leads us to propose an intervention that is committed to making the most of the structure of the building (slabs and walls) that is consolidated and reinforced. It is only partially replaced the central section of the building, which is badly affected by the existing stairs and courtyards, which is completed with a new structure in relation to the existing one and which serves to better solve the new holes (facilities, elevator ...) and logistics spaces. Therefore, the benefits of the current structure are maximized, allowing to optimize the construction process in time and cost, and avoiding complementary stabilizations. The wall structure and the typological configuration of the building are respected and the project takes advantage of the sequence of current spaces, reinforcing the role of the walls as dividing elements. The new programme is placed in relation to this spatialitya and the new staircase is placed in a position equivalent to the current one between the two central load-bearing walls.

Taking advantage of the pre-existing wall layout and the creation of the new stairs, a central courtyard is generated, as an atrium of the entire height of the building, which apart from becoming a space of visual relationship between floors and entry of zenithal light, becomes a bioclimatic element that generates a temperate zone in the heart of the building, in relation to the spaces of circulation, allowing to maximize the energetic saving and reduce the demands,  so much of heating as of cooling. The resulting volume is coated with a ‘wrapper’ of metal profiles to dress the interior façade and unify the façade and roof. This rhythmic profiling work as a vertical slat in the interior orientation to the west and as a supporting element for the roof awnings.

Centre social de Sants
C. Olzinelles, Barri Sants, Barcelona