Reactivation of the ancient 'Tabacalera' complex

Recycled spaces
Tarragona, 2017
Client:  Tarragona City Council
Area:  47.200m2
Phase:  master plan
Co-autorship:  Vora arquitectura, Jordi Portal & Marc Manzano
Images:  vimworks

Functional and architectural proposal for the ancient industrial area of  'Tabacalera' in Tarragona.

The project proposes the conversion of the architectural complex of the old Tabacalera into a new cultural hub of the city  in the image of the old Provincial Forum. The starting point of the intervention is to turn the current enclosure, a closed block completely detached from its immediate environment into an open and dynamic urban space, permeable and connected to the city, both in the immediate environment and on a city scale (pol cultural). From small acupuncture operations in the limits it is looked for to blur the edges to favor the urban connectivity and the accessibility. A central axis is generated like structuring axis of the set, an axis that prolongs the new civic axis that connect the old Forum with this new contemporary Forum at urban scale. In this structuring axis plays a key role the large space between buildings, which becomes a large civic plaza around which are placed the large facilities. This axis extends to the river, connecting the enclosure with the future river promenade, of which it will be a dynamizing element.

A phased intervention is proposed, in accordance with the budgetary availability of each moment and in attention to a rational schedule and consistent with the needs and priorities of the city council. While the final uses are not totally executed, it is proposed to gradually open the site, manage the 'meanwhile', with low-cost uses and temporary occupations, which will enable the space to be activated and encourage its citizen ownership with various activities.


1st prize restricted competition
Edifici Tabacalera Tarragona
Un nou hub cultural fòrum contemporani
Rehabilitació edifici Tabacalera Tarragona
Rehabilitació edifici Tabacalera Tarragona
Rehabilitació edifici Tabacalera Tarragona