Public space at Sant Pere de Torelló

Open spaces
Sant Pere de Torelló, 2009-
Client:  Sant Pere de Torelló Town Council, INCASOL
Phase:  drafting of various projects

Master plan for the public space of the historical centre and development of several projects for the urbanization of streets and spaces of the town.

The plan provides the main criteria that must follow the different projects of renovation that will be developed, in order to maintain a unique and coherent vision with the existing historical environment. The plan aims to change the nowadays dynamics of the public space works and improve them socially and environmentaly. The goal of the project is to promote pedestrian and leisure areas in order to define a more respectful urban environment and recover the specific features of the historical space.

The plan proposes a structured speech that explains the historical town's growth through the public space, from the original sanctuary, born around the church, till the new urban expansion areas. The pavment is the element that will explain it. A dark stain, made of basalt, explains this growth from the church, where it covers whole area around, till the new urban extension areas where it becomes almost a line after running through different streets. Paving explains the growth and references the church. as central element, from any point of the urban structure. The same thread also is used to highlight the different assets (listed buildings, lintels, etc.) linking open space and built space and teaching about its historical value. Besides the master plan, 3 projects have been done according 3 phases planned in the main document.

urbanització carrers sant pere torelló
peatonalització carrers centre
llamborda de formigó