Public building at les Corts

Barcelona, 2010
Client:  BIM/SA, Barcelona d’Insfraestructures Municipals
Area:  2500 m2
Phase:  open competition

Construction of a new building on a triangular lot in the neighborhood of Les Corts, to place a center of social services and sheltered housing. The proposal should include the facade of a former factory.

The proposed building picks up in its formalization the duality of the place, where  the old town and new city meet. It is conceived as two embraced skins: on one hand the historical skin, which responds to the scale of the old town and solve the social center program, opening to the north, and on the other hand,  a contemporary  skin, which gathers the housing and responds to the scale and rythm of the modern city, and opens to south.

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antiga fàbrica planelles, les corts