Police station for Mossos d’Esquadra

Built spaces
Montblanc, 2007-2008
Client:  GISA, Government of Catalonia
Area:  1.673 m2
Phase:  inaguration in november 2008
Images:  Adrià Goula

The building is in a extension area in the outskirts of the village, between the last residential blocks and an anodyne industrial area. It stays in a triangular plot that terminates town's south exit road, facing the village centre in order to be opened to the incoming flows. Its position releases the north part to create a welcome public square and defines in the south part a private interior alley, that relates perimeter streets one each other, in order to optimize traffic and police cars access.

The building is formed by two north-south oriented volumes sliding around a central courtyard that provides natural light to all spaces and manages the access system in its own axis. Public entrance to the north and private acces in the south. In front of such an outlying and shapeless environment, the building is clear and understandable. Corporative white is assumed to qualify the exterior skin, trusting its neutrality and opennes values and blue is chosen for the interior façades. This interior-exterior duality exists again in the façade solutions: the exterior façades are flat, opaque and massive while the interior get texture with a miniwave plate, explaining the volume explosion that produced the "cut" that opens the building to town.

To speed up construction works, that lasted just 8 months, several prefabricated systems were used: metallic structure, ventilated façades with thermosetting resins panels and metallic plates, division walls made of modulated screens, floating roofs, etc.

selected work in VI biennial of architecture ‘Alejandro de la Sota’
1st prize restricted competition
mossos esquadra montblanc
unitat transit montblanc
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