New nursery in Teixonera neighbourhood

Barcelona, 2019
Client:  Consorci d'educació de Barcelona
Area:  1.030 m2
Phase:  restricted competition / 3th prize
Images:  beta architecture

Construction of a new nursery school and park in La Teixonera neighbourhood in Barcelona.

The new equipment will allow to activate an urban void. The building is conceived in a unitary way with the park, so that it is a generator from a physical point of view and a dynamizer from a functional point of view. . The building is designed with a ‘light’ image, in the image of a rhythmic pergola-umbrella, which shelters and structures under the new equipment program. The structure is designed with a constant modulus so that all construction systems respond to it. A regularity that coordinates and overlaps with the organicity of the park. The idea of ​​a pergola escapes the concept of a closed building with rigid facades, to build an open and permeable structure, where the boundaries between built and free space, between interior and exterior are blurred, where teaching and play spaces are articulated fluently. The school space becomes a sheltered and air-conditioned part of the park. While the street closure is resolved orthogonally and straight, in parallel with the existing alignments to better respond to the urban layout, the interior facade of the park gestures and dialogues with the more organic reality of the new free space, blurring the idea of ​​limit and mixing the building with the green.

The school's spaces are articulated, from south to north, defining a transition of spaces, interior and exterior, with a different relational character, from more 'private' to more collective and shared (exterior classroom-interior classroom- common room interior-exterior garden), so that an aggregate / separable spatial continuum is generated according to the activities and needs. The gardens and classrooms are linked to the south and the sun, and the common rooms and the common garden open to the views and the park. Each group of classrooms has its own outdoor space, linked to the rest of the spaces and the common garden.

Escola Bressol Teixonera
Escola Bressol Teixonera
Escola Bressol Teixonera
Escola Bressol Teixonera