Neighbourhood social center at La Sagrera

Barcelona, 2014
Client:  BIM/SA, Barcelona d’Insfraestructures Municipals
Area:  1.055 m2
Phase:  open competition / 2nd prize
Images:  vimworks

Refurbishment and extension of a late 19th century building for Casal de Barri, as well as the urbanization of the nearby public space.

The project is not based on resolving volumes and a nearby public space, but faces the 'place' from an unitary response, in which built and unbuilt form a whole. A unitary space is defined by means of an integral architectural approach of the ensemble, as much of the constructed one as of the free space, that is formalized in a metallic pergola that colonizes all the surroundings of the existing building.

The multipurpose room of the Casal is placed in the extension part of the new facility and the rest of the program is located in the existing building. The multipurpose room  is nothing more than a limited space and sheltered under the pergola. The unfolding of the lobby, as a ball joint located between the 2 bodies, allows the room to work with the rest of the building closed.

concurs casal barri la sagrera
barcelona la sagrera