Municipal services at Can Cadena

Barcelona, 2019
Client:  BIM/SA, Barcelona d’Insfraestructures Municipals
Area:  725 m2
Phase:  restricted competition / 3th prize
Images:  vimworks

Refurbishment of Can Cadena farmhouse as municipal services in La Verneda neighbourhood in Barcelona.

The programme solves the need to make a new body attached to the existing building, and takes advantage of its placement to reinforce the original volume from the 17th century. The new architecture is made of wood, with a light appearance, in contrast to the massiveness of the historical body. The new intervention is proposed where there is already an annexed body from a later period, on the darkest façade of the farmhouse. The project  recognizes and modifies this body in order to build an unitary language for all the added bodies, without erasing the exisiting traces, expressed in powerful stone walls.

It was decided to remove all the technical and logistical spaces outside the farmhouse (toilets, dressing rooms, facilities, technical elements such as the lift ...) to locate the most open spaces inside. For the placement of the programme inside, the preexisiting structure of walls and the sequence of spaces of the typology are completely respected, without joining or distorting the bays that make it up, reinforcing the role of the walls as dividing elements.

Serveis municipals Can Cadena
La Verneda - St. Martí de Provençals - Barcelona
Rehabilitació Can Cadena
Rehabilitació Can Cadena - St. Martí de Provençals
Serveis municipals Can Cadena, Barcelona