Library at Caldes de Malavella

Caldes de Malavella, 2017
Client:  Caldes de Malavella Town Council
Area:  1.765 m2
Phase:  restricted competition / 2nd prize
Images:  vimworks

Refurbishment of the old school building of Caldes de Malavella, Girona, as a cultural center and library. In order to expand the current buildings, which have not enough space to accommodate the new programme, it is proposed to take advantage of the existing garden, to qualify it and enrich it with new uses. The existing traces in the garden are recognized, such as the stone wall that divides it, which is used as a structuring element of the new spaces. Next to the diagonal wall, a second 'technical' wall is being built to contain the server programme of the multipurpose room. This single gesture solves the physical structure of the access area (library access, multipurpose room and lobby) and allows to define an inner street that connects the historic town with Parc de la Sardana, already outside the walls, generating two main accesses, one for each urban boundary. A covered street that will also become a meeting place for social life.

Over these stone walls, old and  new, an unitary roof is placed, a pergola over the garden, which together with glazed enclosures end up defining the sheltered  spaces, the courtyards and the interiors. At the point where there could be more friction between new and old (joint between ancient building and new pergola) is built the space of the main staircase, conceived as an open space, transparent in all its facades and covered with a skylight, so it is a space of air, opened to light and visuals, a clear clear cut between new and old.

Biblioteca Caldes de Malavella
Rehabilitació antigues escoles
Biblioteca, arxiu, radio
Centre cultural Caldes Malavella
Rehabilitació antigues escoles