Cutural center & library in Súria

Súria, 2018
Client:  Barcelona Provincial Council
Area:  1.725 m2
Phase:  restricted competition
Co-autorship:  Comas-Pont arquitectes
Images:  vimworks

The new cultural center and library of Súria is located in a strategic urban enclave. The intervention is used to generate a new urban passage that connects the river promenade with the old town, saving the existing unevenness. Part of the historic building, overlooking the river, is refurbished making it permeable to the old town, and a new body is generated behind it that opens the façade to a new square in front of the church.

The project aims to enhance the new urban space with the placement of the multipurpose room on the ground floor, so that it serves as a revitalizing element of a decaying neighborhood. The library leads to the new passage and the square enhancing the crossed views between inside and outside, and towards the church and the river.

Biblioteca Súria
Casc antic Súria
Xarxa biblioteques Diputació Barcelona
Biblioteca Súria rehabilitació i ampliació
Biblioteca Súria rehabilitació i ampliació
Biblioteca centre de Súria