Cultural centre at Can Font

Recycled spaces
Les Franqueses del Vallès, 2005-2007
Client:  Les Franqueses Town Council, Barcelona Provincial Council
Area:  746 m2
Phase:  inauguration in february 2007
Images:  Adrià Goula

Refurbishment of a 'Masia', a traditional construction type, witness of the town's rural history, to restructure it as a cultural centre. The programme provides new technology classrooms in the ground floor, art workshops in the first floor and an all-purpose hall in the upper level, all arranged according to the traditional structure of the building.

The 'Masia', isolated in the past, became trapped between buildings after a new urban development. The historical facade to south became secondary while it was necessary to add new character to the east facade, now main. The entrance had to be rethought according to the new urban disposal. Thus, a new porch is created to emphasize the new entrance, but gravitating towards the historical door, and the natural axis of the building.

The new proposal aims to be balanced with the traditional construction. The historical volume, stuccoed, remains unaltered, while a wood skin is superimposed, protecting and hiding the new windows, and expressing this dual condition between history and contemporaneity.In the interior, the structure is preserved and its original slabs are reinforced in order to keep the traditional image of wood beams and ceramic floor blocks. New elements, like furniture - service, are understood as superimposed pieces. On the other hand the existing damaged roof is replaced by a new one with wood structure, preserving its original form. Besides, the existing gallery is preserved as an interior-exterior intermediate space for climate control.

1st prize open competition
Centre cultural Can Font
Masia Can Font, Les Franqueses
Centre cultural Can Font
Masia rehabilitada
Masia rehabilitada
Accés a la masia
Taller centre cultural
Aula centre cultural
Sala polivalent centre cultural