Central library Solé Tura

Built spaces
Mollet del Vallès, 2009-
Client:  Barcelona Provincial Council
Area:  4.500 m2
Phase:  executive project
Images:  black box

The library is situated in a public plot close to the town's historical and commercial centre. It's the second phase of a unique project that will also build a police station and the public space between them. The position of the buildings tends to relate the opened public spaces around and it also generates a new square in front of them, as an extension of the interior. The building itself, four storey and basement, also contains the town file, with its own entrance.

The library, as well as police station, shuts to the street and opens onto the new interior garden through diaphanous and transparent façades, being warranty of the maximum visual and acoustic comfort for the lecture area that faces it. An brise-soleil system regulates the sun rays and provides the necessary light comfort. In the upper floor a linear skylight provides natural light to the central bay and improves natural crossed ventilation during intermediate seasons.

Ventilated façades with polymer concrete, the green roof, two fields of photovoltaics and solar thermal collectors, the study of the glazing composition and the brise-soleil for its solar protection, reduce the energy consumption of the building more than 51% in relation to a equivalent building.

1st prize open competition
bilioteca solé tura mollet del vallès
bilioteca solé tura mollet del vallès
xarxa biblioteques diputació barcelona
bilioteca solé tura mollet del vallès
xarxa biblioteques diputació barcelona