Center for seniors la Vorada

Built spaces
Llinars del Vallès, 2006-2009
Client:  GISA, Government of Catalonia
Area:  1.225 m2
Phase:  inauguration in december 2009
Images:  Adrià Goula

The plot is in the middle of a green park that extends from north to south. A compact building is projected to free a large garden to south, becoming a closed and controlled part of the existing park, through its visual relation and vegetation.

The position of the volume enables to have the best sun conditions and views. The main acces to the building is located in the pedestrian street at the north edge of the plot, receiving flows from town's center and the park. The entrance recognizes the north-south axis and extends it through the courtyard till the opposite edge of the plot, where a second entrance is located. The proposal expresses itself in an understandable language: a unique white volume in the first floor, leaning on a black brick base that appears as the plot fence too.

The interior space is conceived as a part of the garden itself, enveloped with glass and climate conditioned. Server spaces are located at north side and the public spaces at south. Besides, the most crowded spaces are in the ground floor meanwhile the programme needing more control is in the upper level.

The image of the façades is trusted in materials with no maintenance like fair-face brickwork and render. The shading made by elements like porches and galleries provides an ideal suncontrol, both for summer and winter. The disposal of the programme itself, the position and size of windows, the natural crossed ventilation, minimize the artificial lighting and climate consumptions. The green roof apart from being an important landscape feature, improves the whole thermal inertia of the building

listed project premio arquia/próxima
1st prize restricted competition
casal gent gran llinars del vallès
gisa infraestructures
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porxo galeria tanca acer
totxo negre monocapa
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departament de benestar i familia generalitat de catalunya
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