Access area of Campus Nord

Open spaces
Barcelona, 2006-2007
Client:  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, management rqp arquitectura, s.l.
Area:  9.020 m2
Phase:  inaguration in november 2007
Images:  Adrià Goula

Urbanization of the access area of ​​the North Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Recovery of a  closed area for university use, arranging it to become a relationship space.

In the first place, the project has chosen to cover most of the area with green, as until now the garden areas were not too present on the Campus, and thus compensate for the excess of paved and waterproofed areas.

Secondly, the project has considered the set of diverse and unrelated elements that were located in the scope of action (the sloping roof of the underground car park, the linear ventilation element, the curved walls that hide the gym building, the main stairs to the North Campus, the topographic conditions, the alignments ...) consequence from partial and autonomous actions, in order to link them in a unitary project.

And thirdly, the project has sought to avoid the idea of ​​the path as an infrastructure to define paths-squares that generate spaces for sociability. Due to their organic formalization, the new paths want to have a vocation of meeting and relationship spaces. The different formalization of the two paths responds to the different relationship they have with green and pre-existences: the east path being like a MAT on the green and the south path a FURROW that cuts it.

listed project premio arquia/próxima
selected project V Rosa Barba european landscape prize
espai verd
campus nord upc barcelona
urbanització upc
espai públic
acer corten
campus nord upc barcelona
formigó pre-fabricat
zona verda